★//MMI Meet & Greet!
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I was so glad that I'm apart of this fun loving team, eventhough we didn't know each other yet, everyone is so kind!

Here was my outfit for the meet & greet party. (I changed it last minute because almost forgot about the theme ahah)

My hair is group gift from Dura! Go and get yours if you haven't! Overall, on both outfit.. I've only spent less than 100L$. That is on the snowflake necklace mostly lol.

I know that sometimes, everyone gets carried away. Especially in this career. But I vow to myself to be able to fit my own's expectation before anyone elses. No pleasing anyone when you're not pleased. No matter how passionate I am with modelling, I only want to make myself happy more than anything. I would not change out of my style under any circumstances :)

★//Nocturnal Siren
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Nocturnal Siren released this very cool ballerina type of dress that I originally wanted to get it to support the new designer and I love it!

★//Look what I found!
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So recently due to having to search for items in my inventory, I had to actually finally clean up my inventory hahah, and I found a random wedding outfit! Where have I gotten it.. I wasn't sure if I actually bought it or if its a group gift. I don't remember buying something pricey that looks like it though! Its lovely nonetheless :3

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Hey! Its been a while since I blogged, but a lot of things has been happening!
First of all, I've been trying to learn how to use blender (still failed miserably at it T^T) and how to make jewelries! Since I've been taking classes, I know a little bit of that.

Second of all, I've decided to join a modelling agency despite of my screaming and dying walrus. I mean wallet. They say that once you've set eyes on your dreams, don't let go of it.
SO... choosing a modelling school. You've gotta choose the ones that are legit and guarantee your future. I've decided to take one thing at the time, so I joined the Miss Virtual World Modelling Academy since I've seen a lot of cool threads about it. I realized that its gonna be hard and I'll have to toughen up in this industry, but I'm so ready for it! I had my first class with Miss Spirit and she is so cool! She taught what type of skins should we get and gave advices on things that we should follow. She also said that don't let anyone tell you to change who you are. Unless its for a show.
You see, I've always like myself to be platinum blonde, with pale skin.. so I was adviced by other models to have darker hair, like brown or black. I didn't want to be brunette as it is common and maybe from time to time, I could have black hair. So I've had the dilema for a while until the advice.
So thank youuuuuuuuu ma'am Spirit!! :D I've also made a very kind Morgan for my classmate, couldn't wish for a better classmate :3

Anyhow, can't wait for my next class!

Lastly.. I joined several pageants for experience and got enlisted as top 45 in MMI! (Miss and Mr International) Woot!! We're having our first competition which is called the POSE OFF! that has never been done in other pageants before. I'm a lot nervous for it as everyone is seasoned models and I'm like... just learning for catwalk! >< ahhh

There will be a meet and greet today! Hope everything will go well.. :)

★//SLCS Rocks!
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As I've mentioned, somewhere. That I am a proud SLCS Cheerleader!

The best part about it is that, the community there are the most friendliest I've encountered in my whole time in Second Life. Of course introduced by Misa, or I would have been too scared to join due to the training.
Donut underestimate cheerleaders!
Newcomers will have to undergo an interview and become a trainee for one month. For the whole time there, there will be 4 classes to teach you the basics and at the end of the month, there will be Panels to test your skills and knowledge. After thatttt, you will get the best feeling ever as a cheerleader!

Woohoo I made a few uniforms for the team :'D its still noobish as I'm so new at this lol.

(I made this when I was still a trainee lol)

(I made this after becoming legit in the team :D)

 Thats all so far! I hope I could be better in texturing in the future!

If you haven't yet, come and try joining the squad! 

★//The Bare Face challenge.
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I don't mean to post this as a late post, but I recently joined and enjoyed the bareface challenge too!
Its interesting to see faces all over Second Life without any extra attachments nor edits!

Here is mine. I admit I kinda looked a little old ahah.

Despite that, I really wanted to look without eyelashes so I used the eyelash remover! My skin is from Pink Fuel - Doll. Forever in love with this skin. I'll probably be the very few blogger who barely change skins eventhough I have so many! #poorskins

★//Who am I, what is food to me? *fashion!
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Who am IMe? I am Frey. Hair addict, Style addict. Perfectionist -  And of course FOOD obsessed. Oh gosh, how can you not like food. ;)
Why am I blogging. Well I am never a type of person who keeps a journal or blog. But I used to write up stories of what I want in high school so that despite of soo many disappointment in my life, its a place where I can escape and imagine a better reality. It keeps me standing in this superharsh world called reality. Having to be able to dream, I think is the biggest gift everyone could have. I am thrilled to have so much hopes in my dreams. When I found secondlife, its like heaven for shoppaholic like me, because I'm always too lazy to go out and having a long distant relationship makes me suuuuper close to my cute laptop. Besides food, I'm in love with fashion. Don't take it away from me and tell me you are not, because you are. Eventhough you won't admit, deep down, everyone is.
What is this blog about. Sorry to disappoint you (and myself) but this will not be a blog with food spam :< but more towards what I can feed YOU in terms of styles :3 So be prepared for my dramatic roller coaster of emotions, slight bipolarcy as well as SPAMMMM of fashion ;D
Contact. Eventhoughhh we just knew each other, I love talking, especially when we have the same interest and curiosity! I will leave a chatbox so in anyway you wanted to ask me anything, we could be in contact :)

Here is a picture of me so you'll know how I look like~!

Now that introduction is over. 

Welcome to my blog! ^-^

Yogurt is life. Kay :3

Hello Eaters! I am Frey. Hair addict, Style addict. Perfectionist - I also like to do everything all at once, there's so much to do, so little time. Food is ma life, oh goshh how can it not be? ;) I'd like to be your friend, would yo like to be mine too? In world name - Freya Astierre Arun
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: See you soon...~!

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