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Who am IMe? I am Frey. Hair addict, Style addict. Perfectionist -  And of course FOOD obsessed. Oh gosh, how can you not like food. ;)
Why am I blogging. Well I am never a type of person who keeps a journal or blog. But I used to write up stories of what I want in high school so that despite of soo many disappointment in my life, its a place where I can escape and imagine a better reality. It keeps me standing in this superharsh world called reality. Having to be able to dream, I think is the biggest gift everyone could have. I am thrilled to have so much hopes in my dreams. When I found secondlife, its like heaven for shoppaholic like me, because I'm always too lazy to go out and having a long distant relationship makes me suuuuper close to my cute laptop. Besides food, I'm in love with fashion. Don't take it away from me and tell me you are not, because you are. Eventhough you won't admit, deep down, everyone is.
What is this blog about. Sorry to disappoint you (and myself) but this will not be a blog with food spam :< but more towards what I can feed YOU in terms of styles :3 So be prepared for my dramatic roller coaster of emotions, slight bipolarcy as well as SPAMMMM of fashion ;D
Contact. Eventhoughhh we just knew each other, I love talking, especially when we have the same interest and curiosity! I will leave a chatbox so in anyway you wanted to ask me anything, we could be in contact :)

Here is a picture of me so you'll know how I look like~!

Now that introduction is over. 

Welcome to my blog! ^-^


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Yogurt is life. Kay :3

Hello Eaters! I am Frey. Hair addict, Style addict. Perfectionist - I also like to do everything all at once, there's so much to do, so little time. Food is ma life, oh goshh how can it not be? ;) I'd like to be your friend, would yo like to be mine too? In world name - Freya Astierre Arun
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