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As I've mentioned, somewhere. That I am a proud SLCS Cheerleader!

The best part about it is that, the community there are the most friendliest I've encountered in my whole time in Second Life. Of course introduced by Misa, or I would have been too scared to join due to the training.
Donut underestimate cheerleaders!
Newcomers will have to undergo an interview and become a trainee for one month. For the whole time there, there will be 4 classes to teach you the basics and at the end of the month, there will be Panels to test your skills and knowledge. After thatttt, you will get the best feeling ever as a cheerleader!

Woohoo I made a few uniforms for the team :'D its still noobish as I'm so new at this lol.

(I made this when I was still a trainee lol)

(I made this after becoming legit in the team :D)

 Thats all so far! I hope I could be better in texturing in the future!

If you haven't yet, come and try joining the squad! 


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