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Hey! Its been a while since I blogged, but a lot of things has been happening!
First of all, I've been trying to learn how to use blender (still failed miserably at it T^T) and how to make jewelries! Since I've been taking classes, I know a little bit of that.

Second of all, I've decided to join a modelling agency despite of my screaming and dying walrus. I mean wallet. They say that once you've set eyes on your dreams, don't let go of it.
SO... choosing a modelling school. You've gotta choose the ones that are legit and guarantee your future. I've decided to take one thing at the time, so I joined the Miss Virtual World Modelling Academy since I've seen a lot of cool threads about it. I realized that its gonna be hard and I'll have to toughen up in this industry, but I'm so ready for it! I had my first class with Miss Spirit and she is so cool! She taught what type of skins should we get and gave advices on things that we should follow. She also said that don't let anyone tell you to change who you are. Unless its for a show.
You see, I've always like myself to be platinum blonde, with pale skin.. so I was adviced by other models to have darker hair, like brown or black. I didn't want to be brunette as it is common and maybe from time to time, I could have black hair. So I've had the dilema for a while until the advice.
So thank youuuuuuuuu ma'am Spirit!! :D I've also made a very kind Morgan for my classmate, couldn't wish for a better classmate :3

Anyhow, can't wait for my next class!

Lastly.. I joined several pageants for experience and got enlisted as top 45 in MMI! (Miss and Mr International) Woot!! We're having our first competition which is called the POSE OFF! that has never been done in other pageants before. I'm a lot nervous for it as everyone is seasoned models and I'm like... just learning for catwalk! >< ahhh

There will be a meet and greet today! Hope everything will go well.. :)


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