★//MMI Meet & Greet!
posted at: Saturday, 10 January 2015 | 21:46 | 0 Love! | Feeding you ....

I was so glad that I'm apart of this fun loving team, eventhough we didn't know each other yet, everyone is so kind!

Here was my outfit for the meet & greet party. (I changed it last minute because almost forgot about the theme ahah)

My hair is group gift from Dura! Go and get yours if you haven't! Overall, on both outfit.. I've only spent less than 100L$. That is on the snowflake necklace mostly lol.

I know that sometimes, everyone gets carried away. Especially in this career. But I vow to myself to be able to fit my own's expectation before anyone elses. No pleasing anyone when you're not pleased. No matter how passionate I am with modelling, I only want to make myself happy more than anything. I would not change out of my style under any circumstances :)


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